The Odyssea club

The Odyssea club, was created to transfer and diffuse the Greek culture and philosophy as expressed through education, culture altruism, hospitality, tastes, social sensitivity, perception and practice to the whole world .

Scope & Identity

Odyssea club, in the process of fulfilling the purpose of using interactive and technological means of participation in objectives, construction, games, conferences, internet connections. The objective always is the active participation and awakening of different social groups of all people, who identify directly or indirectly with the Ulysses journey as expressed today through contemporary reality.

A different perspective Glance in Homer’s Odyssey which resourceful and multi-level, combines, contrasts, agrees and transmits. Different cultures, theater, art, cuisine, music, dance, sports, games, research, study, studies, all in continuous dialogue through actions to the general public. Searches and combinations of yesterday and today, and common heroes and traditions with other peoples.


ODYSSEA PROJECTS are under the auspices of