16-22/06/  2018 we will run the 2nd  ODYSSEA International voyage with sailing boats, which symbolically will begin its journey from the end of Odysseus’ true journey,  from Corfu and Ithaca. The trip will take place with sailing boats in which the participants and the production team (theater groups, artists, chefs, musicians) :

02. PAXI

Running time:16-22/06/  2018
At each station we will revive an open-air ancient market in which the actions will take place.
At each place of departure and destination, multiple events will be carried out while at the same time exploiting and promoting the local cultural element of each region. With the participation of the world in games and art – sports activities mentioned in the epic of Odyssey.

Inspirer and soul of the ODYSSEA project is Magda Chormova, President of ODYSSEA CLUB, who said: “Homer’s Odyssey is an epic that has been teaching and inspiring thousands of people on our planet over the centuries. Odysseus of Homer was and remains from my childhood my hero, the form that inspired me and always inspires me. In August 2005 I visualized the idea of ​​Odyssea. In my decision to implement my vision I found companions and in 2006 we set up the Serenes Non-Governmental Organization with the main aim of reviving Ulysses’s journey with the participation of the world through many participatory actions and simultaneous adaptation to modern reality . Today we became becoming the Odyssea Club.