ODYSSEA CLUB (former SERENES) is a non-governmental organization of cultural, multicultural, humanitarian and athletic orientation. This non-governmental organization, was founded in 2006, with main purpose the revival of  Odysseus’ journey, while adapting it to modern reality. The inspiration and vision behind the activities and ODYSSEA projects belongs to Ms. Magda Chormova, the official president of the ODYSEA CLUB NGO. Our friends and colleagues are celebrities with a great and continuous offer in the field of arts, spirit, sport and the media.

The great horizon of “ODYSSEA” is the Revival of the Homeric Journey of Odysseus, in a variety of ways. It includes a variety of interactive and participatory events such as conferences, games of knowledge, games, various artistic events (art exhibitions, theatrical performances, etc.) and a multitude of activities related to nautical, tourist, cultural and cultural development, social sensitivity and education.

“ODYSSEA” is an original, comprehensive, multidimensional and exciting program of activities for culture and participation.

Under the “ODYSSEA” projects, we have already successfully completed the “1st International Meeting at Sea”, a three-day cruise starting from Patra-Kefalonia-Bari and back bringing together scientists and artists from all over the world with a common interest in ODYSSEA and Homer’s multidimensional approach to bridging presnt through a look in the past for designing tomorrow. “ODYSSEA” is a unique approach at the Homeric Odyssey, which combines, intertwines, conveys and transmit different cultures, theater, arts, music, dance, sports, tastes, research, study, studies and games. All this is being done in a continuous dialogue through actions with the general public. At the same time searches and combines yesterday and today, as well as common heroes and traditions with other peoples.