The first call of the ODYSSEA CLUB (former SERENES) took place in May 2008, where the proposal to revive the Homeric voyage, from a multitude of cultural, educational and sporting events was accepted as an original concept of global reach.

The first world-wide meeting took place in order to modernize the Homeric journey, the journey, which emblemally represents man’s attempt to reach its destination through adverse conditions, a destination that is no more than redemption from a difficult reality.

At the first meeting hosted on the ship “IONIAN KING” of the company AGOUDIMOS LINES from 23rd to 25th May 2008, on board from Patras in Italy with return to Greece, 250 college universities, scholars of the Odyssey from all over the world, writers, Poets, painters, sculptors, politicians, journalists, actors and artists of international reputation, responded and traveled to an exciting journey of exchange of views and knowledge about the Homeric travel representations.

The participants approached Odysseus’ adventures based on their scientific field, while at the same time artists created in situ works inspired by the approaches. Everyone, without exception, welcomed as official supporters the undertaking of the modern Revival of the Homeric voyage.

This action inspired many of the guests who, according to their field, created the corresponding work. Characteristic is the chapter in a collective volume of the professor of Polish university, a Doctor of Ancient Greek Philosophy, Marian Wesley, entitled:

“Odyssey – from the great and adventurous journey to return home to the great journey to wisdom,” as well as the book “A Calm Light – My Odyssey in the Depth of the Heart” by the award-winning Poet and actress Lucia de Garcia, with references In the meeting for the revival of the Homeric voyage.